7 Food places you shouldn't miss in Ljubljana

Many people claim that Ljubljana is cutest capital in Europe. But, what about food? Is it also good? The unique kitchen mix of balkan food and central european gives special taste to every dish. We hope that you are not hungry while reading this post. Let us present 10 top food places that you should miss in Ljubljana. 



This place is suited in the old town close to Gornji trg. Here you can find more than 100 types of unique teas, cakes, ice creams, delicate sweets, natural juices, cocktails, sandwiches and snacks. This place is perfect for chilling and having breakfast there is a must. The WiFi there is free of charge.




If you want to try traditional Slovenian food, then this is the right place for you. Here food tastes even better becaise you have unique opportunity to enjoy in the view of Ljubljanica river. The food is delicious and always fresh. Give it a try. 



One of few restorant that employs people with disability. When you walk in right away you will feel the warmth of the people. They are always smiling and very kind. Their food is one of the best in Ljubljana and the price is very reasonable. By visiting this place you will definitly feel like a local in Ljubljana.



Suited in the underneath Ljubljana"s castle in a building which was built in 1636. The building with its arhitecture style combines rich history which is reflected in the interior of the restaurant. The cozy feeling of the ambient and friendliness of our waiters combined with pleasent smells from our kitchen brings you an extraordinary experience. Here you can find Slovenian food, as well as mediterranean and other types of dishes. 



If you love ice-cream, then this is the right place for you. They offer various types of very unique ice-creams. Plus you get to enjoy in the Ljubljanica river. Eating ice-cream and enjoying in the view, priceless. This is a must for every traveler, so dont miss it.  



Another stunishing ice-cream place, travelers are not very familiar with this place i believe because Slovenians want to keep it just for themselves. Their ice-cream will take you in the sky. They are located in the old town close to the Gornji trg. 



No list can exsist without old but gold Kavarna Zvezda. Right on the Congress Square where the sun shines bright, its your perfect way to enjoy in different kind of cakes. They are ranked among best cakes in Slovenia, why? Find out by yourself. 


Enjoy careless in all these places. Drop your bags in our luggage storage office in Ljubljana and indulge in the pleasures.